The Academy houses CJCH Consulting and CJCH Solicitors’ training and development programs. The aim of each of our programs is to raise the standard of the investigative and research capability in the industry to produce competent analysts who investigate IP infringement with focus and sophistication. The key to combating IP crime is accuracy and meticulous attention to detail. Our training programs are delivered to the highest standard and facilitated by industry leading specialists with years of experience in the field.

Corporate Investigator Training

Launched in April 2017, our investigator training is a comprehensive program delivered by our Anti-Piracy, Research and Enforcement teams, many of whom have trained as detectives in the police forces, including a facilitator with extensive experience working in the United Nations War Crimes investigations unit. This program is customised to the needs of the client it is being delivered to, with core modules aimed at establishing a baseline standard for detective, research and enforcement capabilities to ensure the highest quality investigation content for future prosecution.

Anti-Piracy Workshops

A lighter touch program, the Anti-Piracy workshop is a half day program facilitated by our research and investigations specialists. The program provides your team with an overview of IP infringements, including a general understanding of Copyright, Trademark and Patent infringement and piracy, with a more detailed view of Anti-Piracy procedures and operational impacts on your business and customer base.

Graduate Development Program

Our Graduate Development Program (GDP) is aimed at recent university graduates up to five years’ post-graduation from any academic discipline. We review applicants based on their competencies and level of interest in the field to identify the best fit for the program. The candidates are brought into our organisation as trainee-analysts, and rotated through the various departments in both consulting and legal services. The program includes breakaway modules to cover strategic communications, systemic and design thinking, crisis management and customer relationship management. The aim is to allow young talent to be cultivated and developed in critical technology and cyber protection skills, to further enhance the sophistication of our technology.

IT Security

 Currently under development as a collaboration between our IP and IT Security teams, this program is focused on educating resources in your organisation to identify, analyse, and correct any security threats in your organisation’s IT architecture. This will ensure that the necessary measures are in place to protect critical data and personal information of your company, staff and customers. Our program is segmented over several contact sessions with an initial awareness and training workshop, followed by on-going coaching and review sessions with our specialists over the three-month period

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