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CJCH Consulting is a technology, business and risk consultancy which evolved as a result of the growing need for specific Anti-Piracy and Compliance services offered by the Intellectual Property practice of CJCH Solicitors. As a law firm with over 35 years of experience, the leadership team at CJCH identified a critical gap in the market to offer global innovation and software companies the ability to protect their intellectual property rights and monitor piracy of their software programs. We offer a bespoke operating solution for each of our clients which takes their individual needs into consideration to formulate a research, engagement and enforcement procedure. The consultancy identifies potential Intellectual Property (IP) infringements and manages the process of contacting the infringing party and mediating licence compliance.

Software Piracy continues to be a significant threat to industry as the network of sophisticated cyber criminals grows. Duplication and distribution of cracked software remains prevalent in the digital environment. It is important for businesses to analyse their internal operations and external market elements in conjunction with their IP rights to understand the risks and potential solutions.

Product developers who do not take action to protect themselves and their IP are left facing potential lost revenues, diminished market share and brand reputational risk.

We undertake analysis and enforcement procedures to recuperate revenue which would otherwise have been lost due to unauthorised use of your copyright protected materials.

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“It has been a great success for Dassault Systèmes and the way that CJCH has managed the project is completely in line with our strategy of encouraging the use of legally bought software and educating business around the risks of using ‘cracked’ software.”
– Andy Clarkson – Global Head of Anti-Piracy and Compliance for Dassault Systèmes.